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Qualities of a Good Shoe

You will all agree that a shoe can either make or break an outfit! What if I told you that a beautiful shoe is not necessarily a good one for you? That a good shoe should put comfort and support before style? Well, the truth is that a good shoe should be comfortable and supportive of your feet and general body.

Shoes such as 6 inch heels, doll shoes and super flat loafers strain your feet and can cause multiple foot problems such as heel pain, corns and calluses. Unfortunately these are the kind of shoes approved by the fashion cops. These however should be worn occasionally to avoid foot problems. No, we did not say stop wearing them, we said wear them occasionally!

So how do you find a good comfortable and supportive shoe? The following are some of the qualities you should be looking for in a shoe;
Rubber Sole
A rubber sole dissipates the shock produced protecting your joints from distress.

Wide Toe Box
The toe box should have a wide fit that allows your toes to sit naturally without being squeezed. This should ideally be rounded or square in shape.

Deep Toe Box
The toe box should also be deep to ensure your toes have some room above them. This prevents friction that can cause irritation to the skin.

A well-fastened shoe
A shoe with laces, Velcro or a buckle offers much better support than one that does not. The fastening helps to keep the foot in place even if the shoe were to expand after a while which is a very common occurrence.

Padding at the backed of the shoe
Padding at the back of the shoe protects the heel counter from bruising. Elastoplasts have been normalized to protect the heel counter from bruising and it simply should not be the case.

Padded and soft in the inside
A shoe that is well padded and soft in the inside protects your foot from corns and bruises on the skin.

Back strap on sandals
In the case of sandals, always go for one with a back strap. The straps help relieve pressure from the toes and cuff.

Molded S shape sole
The sole should not only be rubber but S shaped to ensure proper support on your foot. This places a perfect balance of the heel, arch and toes in a natural curve which is not attainable with a flat shoe. Flat shoes may be stylish but do not offer any support to the foot.

Shoes and Socks are available in the Clinic!

We have a range of good shoes as well as non-elasticated socks for men and women available in the Clinic.

Kindly call us on +254 707 181 750 for information on the available designs.

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