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About Sally Kariuki, Doctor of Podiatry Medicine (DPM)

How did you learn about Podiatry?
I found out about Podiatry as I was perusing University Coursebooks. I further researched what Podiatry is about and thought it was interesting! I applied to the University of Salford in England, got accepted and graduated in 2002. I worked South of England under the National Health Services for two years.

When did you return to Kenya?
I came back to Kenya and set up the Clinic in 2004. I also worked part-time on a volunteer basis in the Kenyatta National Hospital, Diabetes Clinic and later worked part-time in Nairobi Hospital for 13 years.

Are you a registered Practitioner?
I am registered in the UK as a state-recognized Podiatrist under the Royal College of Podiatry as well as with the Health Professional Council. In Kenya, I am registered under the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board (KPMDB)

Any Professional Advancement?
I have advanced my training to include management of feet and knees via injection therapy and trained to carry out PRP injections.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
I enjoy Podiatry very much! Many times Podiatry offers me instant gratification from patients who walk-in in pain and walk out smiling. I also enjoy the journey of delayed gratification when a patient comes in for a follow up session feeling much better than the previous visit. It always leaves a smile on my face!